Steak and Cheese Croissants Recipe

Steak and Cheese Croissants Recipe

Steak and Cheese Croissants

Steak and Cheese Croissants

Steak and Cheese Croissants

Steak and Cheese Croissants recipe is so delicious the components of a perfect steak and cheese sandwich then make for the ultimate lunch or dinner in a few minutes.

Delicious steak and cheese

Steak and Cheese Croissants Recipe

How To Make Steak and Cheese Croissants Recipes

To make this Steak and Cheese Croissants recipe you'll need the following ingredients:


  • ½ large white onion, thinly sliced
  • ½ large green pepper, thinly sliced
  • 2 tsp of minced garlic
  • ½ tsp of salt
  • ¼ tsp of black pepper
  • ½ lb. of thinly sliced rib-eye or skirt steak
  • 6 slices sharp cheddar, American, or provolone cheese
  • 2 croissants, lightly toasted


Follow these directions to prepare this easy Steak and Cheese Croissants:

Start by heating the olive oil on a griddle or saucepan over medium-high heat. And add onions then peppers and cook until onions are caramelized For 7 minutes.

Then after all that, add the garlic, salt, and pepper, then cook and stir for about 31 seconds. next, push the veggies into the side of the pan.

Then add the steak to the pan, and cook while breaking up the meat with the back of 2 spatulas, until no longer pink. Then once cooked through, then mix in the peppers and onions.

And top the steak then veggies with slices of cheese and let it melt.

Then divide the steak and veggies between the two croissants. Enjoy!

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